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Re: diskless fc6

On 2/2/07, davide rossetti <davide rossetti gmail com> wrote:
On Thu, January 31, 2007 10:05 am, Chris Rouch wrote:

I haven't solved it conclusively yet. I unpacked the initrd.img and
replaced mount with 'busybox mount' for the first nfs mount. This
works, and the system boots to a login prompt, but there were enough
other errors to make me think this wasn't a good solution.
I looked at the script which creates the initrd.img and it just does a
copy of /bin/mount.

> My suspicion is that /bin/mount should be enough, but it needs
> something else to make the nfs mount work correctly. I plan to try
> again, but this time with a more or less full FC6 installation on my
> diskless image rather than the minimal one I had before. I've also
> thought of putting mount.nfs into the initrd.img and using that. Both
> of these will have to wait until at least the weekend though.

- busybox mount is ok
- plain initrd.img /sbin/mount works, provided I copy /sbin/mount.nfs
to initrd.img (found via strace)
so it seems system-config-netboot forgot to copy /sbin/mount.nfs from
master host to initrd.img. is there a bugzilla for this ?

I think /bin/mount has changed somewhere between fc4 and fc6 but
system-config-netboot hasn't been updated to reflect this.

Someone has already created a bugzilla entry:



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