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Well guys the writing is on the wall !!

With the release of FC7, IS Fedora Project Going to finally shove GNOME down our throat?
This is how the three break downs on their site are shown.

1. A Fedora Desktop spin  (This is the main fedora desktop (GNOME)
2. A Fedora Server spin   (Fedora Server)
3. A Fedora KDE spin    (This is a separate disk or network install, I have not figured it out yet.)

At the install the "KDE Enviorment" does not show up at "Customize section"
In reality it appears that the main Desktop install won't have KDE, it will be a separate download.
I really feel that the Redhat Developers want to get rid of KDE.
If I'am wrong please correct me, I have been a RedHat/Fedora user ever since RedHat-5.2 and I'm not really happy with what I see.
Not much emphasis put on KDE and slowly faze it out.
If I'm wrong guys, please get me straighten out, I just feel we are getting the $MS shaft.


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