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Re: DPMS for runlevel=3?

Michael Klinosky wrote:
> Mikkel:
>> Did you run it in an xterm, or on a VT you were logged into? It will
>> only work on a VT. I use something like:
>> setterm -powersave powerdown
>> setterm -powerdown 5
>> setterm -powersave on
>> setterm -store
> Yup, in an xterm. I didn't realize that there'd be a difference between
> that and another.
> So, what is 'VT'? I'm not familiar with that acronym. Is that what I get
> when I use ctrl-alt-{F1-6}?
> I got it to work, but had to add 'setterm blank ...' to what you stated.
> Perhaps I just don't understand the powersave feature (even tho I read
> the man page).
VT - Virtual Terminal

They are the login screens you get with Ctrl-Alt-F{1-12}. The actual
number that you can log into is controllable in /etc/inittab. With
the defaul setup, you have 6 command line logins, with X usually
running on #7. I have set up machines where syslog will display log
messages on VT9 and VT10. (The same as /var/log/messages on VT9, and
everything on VT10.)

You may have had to add setterm blank because of differences in FC
and the Redhat system I normally use this on - that system blanks
the VT after a set time with the default setup, but does not use
power save by default. I didn't check to see if FC has changed that.
I first looked into the power save configuration because I upgraded
the monitor on a server to one that supported VISA power save modes,
and I wanted it use them instead of just getting a blank screen. The
server needed a monitor because it was used for testing, and I
needed to be able to watch the log messages.


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