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Re: Can Evolution be used to access yahoo mail?

On February 4, 2007, Andreas (Andy) Roddau wrote:
> http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=13285&topic=1556
> Make sure you have POP enabled in your Gmail account settings.  I got
> caught with that turned off at first.  This *must* be turned on.

Curious. The page I was looking at is somewhat ambiguous:


It says googlemail, but I changed to gmail. It says STARTTLS, which is 
allegedly sometimes called SSL. Kmail, when I do a 'check what server 
supports', returns SSL.

No matter. I changed to your settings and sending works. It always worked.

I ticked pop in the gmail settings and downloaded my emails. My emails showed 
up, like before. Then I sent myself another one, and we're back at square 1 - 
it won't download. Like before.

When I log in and set the pop settings again, they download, and then the next 
ones I send myself won't until I log in to gmail and reset the pop settings.

Got any more ideas? How come I can receive the first batch after I reset gmail 
to pop, but no further downloads without logging in and setting it all over 

It's like it forgets my setting as soon as I have done a download.

Peter G├╝ckel
GnuPG/PGP Key: 0x1C204BED

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