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Re: Wieless security (was: Suspend bug)

On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 21:29 -0700, David G. Miller wrote:
> <sarcasm>
> So, to your way of thinking, everyone should just run their AP wide
> open if they aren't running WPA.  Or is WPA not enough? 

No.  The point is not to *call* something a "security measure," that
isn't one.  It gives one a false sense of security.

When people go around advocating MAC filtering, for instance, as a
"security measure," those who don't know any better believe it is, and
believe they're safe because they do so.  It isn't, and they should be
told so.  As long as they're aware of how useless it is, they can make
their own minds up as to whether to bother with it.  But don't go around
encouraging anybody to have false beliefs about it.

MAC filtering is *utterly* *useless* as a security measure, you may as
well not bother with it.  There's zero point in relying on it.  Why
waste any time implementing it?  Other measures are somewhat better, or
a lot better, it probably is worth the time bothering with them.

MAC filtering is as useless as saying a password out loud to the doorman
outside a busy street.  Anybody can hear you use it, then use the same
details themselves.  That's how bad it is.

Likewise, the broadcasting, or not, of the ESSID is *NOT* a "security"
issue.  I've already gone into it, and the others, with enough detail.
You're just arguing for the sake of it.  Go and research the myths of
wireless security.  There's quite a few reports with a title like that
that explain all the same things if you don't believe me.

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