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RE: Wireless went flaky !

No...I didn't try that. By hook or by crook, I somehow figured out how to use that ndiswrapper thingy and it seems to work.


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On 2/4/07, Tom Gederberg <cheetaux sbcglobal net> wrote:
> I had a similar problem, I just upgraded my system from FC5 to FC6 a
> couple of days ago.  My wireless card using the RaLink RT2500 chipset.
> After getting my RT2500 driver to work with the initial FC6 kernel
> (2.6.18-1.2798), I did a big yum install which also installed a new
> kernel (2.6.19-1.2895).  I then had to re-make & make install the RT2500
> driver.

The 2.6.19 kernel has a bug in one of its interrupt handling routines.
Have you tried restarting and using the previous 2.6.18 or older

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