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Re: A firefox secret

On 05/02/07, Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net> wrote:
For those who didn't want to get involved with my rant here is a firefox
secret that is worth knowing.
> >
> Or ~/.mozilla/plugins or /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins or ....?  As someone
> just starting with Fedora Core 6, I had a difficult time getting the
> plugins installed and working, and then two time later updates messed me
> up, and the last time I am not sure what messed it up.  But because I am
> using my old 466Mhz Celeron with 256Mb of memory I don't want to waste
> developers time with a bugzilla against this old, slow, memory
> constrained system (even though it is more powerful that the CRAY that
> was used in the 60's.)
> Regards,
> Les H
Now I will tell you a secret. If you go into about:config you will see
that the configuration:
browser.download.hide_plugins_without_extensions is set as true by
default. Only when it is set to false can you see what you want to see
in the: Edit->Preferences->downloads->view & Edit Actions.
With this set as true you are flying blind with plugins.  Why does
fedora not distribute this with the configuration set properly. How would you
know about this?

File a bug. It cerainly seems rediculous.

Dotan Cohen


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