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Re: Upgrade Red Hat Linux 6

On 05Feb2007 21:23, jorgems supercable es <jorgems supercable es> wrote:
| I want to upgrade Red Hat Linux 6 to Fedora Core 6. So I have downloaded the
| 5 CDs containing the i386 ISO images but the boot installer seems to fail
| when booting from CD1

Do the MD5 checksums of the downloaded CD image match those on the
download site?

| and after a failure message appears the "LILO Boot"
| prompt.

That's because the CD would not boot. Can you recite the error message?
I suppose it's possible that the CD is not bootable on your system.
But we should verify that before giving up.

| The CPU is an AMD K6 with a 64 Mb RAM and I have Windows 98 in
| another partition. Where is the problem?

Initially, simply that the CD won't boot. Will the system boot from
other CDs happily? (i.e. verify that the CD drive is ok and that the
BIOS will boot from the CD).

After getting things to boot you will still have difficulties.

RedHat 6 is old enough that a plain upgrade will almost certainly not
succeed. You will be better off doing a clean install, overwriting your Linux
partition (you can keep the Windows 98 partition).

First you should get all your data off the Linux partition, eg by
burning it to CD. It would be prudent to backup your Windows data too;
it should be fine but it would be annoying if a mistake destroyed it.
How much data are we talking about?

Finally, your system is fairly low on RAM. You can install and it will
run, but you should avoid a graphical install and graphical login.
If you do run the graphic environment, you will want to choose as
lightweight an environment as possible, so you will need to switch from
Gnome or KDE (the defaults) to something else.

1: check the CD drive is ok and will boot other CDs
   (eg the RedHat 6 install CD - but don't install!)
2: check the checksum of your downloaded ISO files using the
   "md5sum" command
3: backup all your data

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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