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Re: VMWare repo

Jack Byers     byersj hotmail com
Dotan Cohen wrote

Should I remove the Player to install the Server? The only reason I'm
installing Server is for the Tools. Thanks for your assistance and
advice. I very much appreciate it, and I'll work hard so that you
don't need to repeat yourself again.

I have used vmplayer running in my fc5 host for a Quantian (like knoppix) vm. I needed the Tools installed inside the vm (not the fc5host) in order to get cut/paste
working between  my host fc5 and my vm quantian.
That vm is still working.

I found the vmwaretools inside vmware server
downloaded into my fc5 host,  but i dd not install vmware server anywhere
Instead i was able toextract something like "linux.iso" not sure from the vmwareserver tarball
--again my memory weak here--
then inside that linux.iso i was able to extract and install the vmwaretools in the quantian vm.

I might have better notes stashed somewhere

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