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Re: Security Updates -- Are they necessary in Linux for user?

monty19@ hotmail.com wrote:
Unfortunately, security updates are necessary for virtually every major operating system. Not all of those 213 updates are necessarilly for security flaws. Some may be for bugs that cause programs to behave incorrectly or crash, and a few may install upgraded versions of programs with new features. A lot though, may be very necessary in order to keep your system secure.

For instance, if you are browsing the internet with an old version of Firefox with a security flaw, it may be possible for a malicious website to run code that would allow someone to take control of your system (only as an example)

I have here running Windows Vista, Fedora 6 (and 7 Test 1), Solaris 10 11/06, Mac OS X 10.4.8, FreeBSD 6.2, and every single one of them has updates for one reason or another (FreeBSD 6.2 was only just released, so I don't think any updates for security yet). Your not going to escape the need by changing OS'es.

Dear Monty:

My sincere thanks for your expert and wise advice. Will install the security updates.

One question: Do the security updates have to be installed immediately after install? What happens if,. e.g install Firefox 2.0 over Firefox 1.5 (the current version). Do I still need to install the security update for Firefox? Or should I first install the security update and then update Firefox to the latest 2.x version?

Thanks again.


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