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Re: Stellarium text problem

On 06/02/07, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
>> What about switching Stellarium to work in a window rather than work as
>> full screen?  Surely if you then click outside of that window, you can
>> use your window manager's hotkeys.

Dotan Cohen:
> Thanks. The program is much more usable that way. But wow does it slow
> down the system. I've got 2 GB RAM on this CoreDuo2 machine (2 gHz)
> and it cannot handle it.

I don't know why it's so intensive.  I've got it on a 500 MHz Celeron,
with 384 megs of RAM, using an i810 on-board graphics chipset, running
FC4, and it's quite nippy.  I can grab the sky with the mouse, and whiz
things around.

Yet, on a 1.6 GHz P4, with 512 megs of RAM, and a SIS on-board graphics
chipset, running FC5, it's painfully slow.  It didn't help putting in a
NVideo graphics card, whether using the Xorg or the nvidia driver.  And
it's just as bad on FC6.

In both case, it's using the latest version of Stellarium in the
respective Fedora Core repos.

It seems that Stellarium's speed is an inverse function to processor
speed. I'll dig up an old 386 with 32 MB RAM. It'll probably fly on
that thing. :)

Dotan Cohen


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