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Re: Can Evolution be used to access yahoo mail?

Todd Warner wrote:
Anyone ever get google to work with multiple POP clients? A use case
example could be: 1 work machine and 1 home machine pulling down the
same email.

It works, but you only get new mail once.

Anyway. Google's implementation of POP support doesn't (or at least
didn't) work like traditional services. I finally gave up and just use
their web interface, which is very nice. I just can't read email

You can, but don't download to a location where you don't have time to finish reading it... You can configure gmail to also 'archive' a copy as you download so you can read/respond/delete in your pop mailer and only use the web interface if you need to go back and search or access something you downloaded to the wrong place.

Things may be different now but it doesn't sound like it.

If one of your own machines permits inbound internet connections the nicest approach is to run fetchmail and an imap server on it. Then you have a copy you can access from multiple locations and you can still read/respond/delete with gmail keeping an easily searchable archive copy for you.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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