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Re: GM & MS

Joe Smith wrote:
> Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> > 
> > The Linux car would come with a radio plainly visible on the dash but
> > it wouldn't work.  The car manufacturer would claim that this was due
> > to "FCC rules".
> The factory radio in my Honda was limited by the manufacturer to only 
> operate with two small portions of the radio frequency spectrum. Honda 
> claims it is because of "FCC rules".
> The factory radio also won't let me pirate Sirius or XM stations for 
> some bizarre reason.
> I'm sure you're not poking fun at Linux because the maintainers are 
> unwilling to break the law, are you?
> No, the Linux radio would receive any frequency from 10 Hz to 10 MHz but 
> would require you to climb into the trunk with a screwdriver and an 
> oscilloscope to change the station or the volume. ;-)
> <Joe

But, because it's fully configurable, if your read the documentation on
https://www.linuxcar.com/configure_your_penguinmobile.v7518-4.3-99a, you
can set it up so that pushing on the gas pedel makes the radio louder,
pushing on the break pedel makes the radio quieter and pushing on the
clutch pedel turns the radio on and off.  Unfortunately, when you do that,
you need futz with the buttons the radio to speed up/slow down/shift
gears...  but because of faulty logic somewhere in the drivers_dash.py
module, pushing on the clutch and brake at the same time while selecting
a station on the radio fires off all the airbags.

But if you're left handed, it's the other way 'round.


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