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Re: proxy monitoring tools

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 12:53 +0530, yogesh banasdairy coop wrote:
> hi can any one give me some liks of good tools related to proxyserver
> the proxy server is in redhhat linux using squid
> another question is my monitor display give me upto 800*600 display
> i want to set display using 1024*700 but is not display in display
> configuration
> so please help me

Hi, Yogesh,
You need to update your system clock.  Check the date on your message.
It is way off, and will put your emails in the wrong place for those of
us sorting by date.  You can set Linux to use the network clock protocol
to update the time on your system if you like.  Check
System->administration->Date & Time  Click on the second tab: NetWork
Time Protocol and click the box to Enable Network Time Protocol.  This
will help you get answers to your questions.

it does no good to set resolutions beyond your monitor's capability.
You will only end up losing the resolution when the monitor displays the
signal, and it won't look any better.  In fact with some monitors it
will only look worse, due to effects like fringing, aliasing, and
something called intermodulation distortion if you are using an analog

Sorry, I am a network newbie, so I cannot help with the Proxy question.
I can use Auto and things work for me.

Les H

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