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Re: LaTeX question about nested lists

Marc Schwartz wrote:
>Dean Messing wrote:
>> This is really a LeTeX question (but LaTeX on FC5 :-).
>> I'm trying to create a bulleted outline that goes deeper
>> than six levels.  The LeTeX "list" environment only lets
>> you go to six levels.  I've failed to find any LaTeX
>> packages that extend this or define a new environment that
>> is of arbitary depth.  
>> Do any of you know of a solution, short of just "hand
>> indenting" the items?  Note: the items in the list must
>> have "bullets" associated with them that are different
>> for different levels.
>Perhaps this FAQ entry will help (to at least clarify the nature of the 
>   http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=toodeep

Thanks Marc.  I saw this while doing my initial search for a solution.

Turns out that in the mean time, a couple of LaTeX wizards on
comp.text.tex answered my plea.  One (Ulrich M. Schwartz) even cobbled
together a primitive environment (called "infilist") that might work.

Very kind of them both, I must say.


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