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Re: Boot problems (still)

zephod cfl rr com wrote:
> I reported this problem some time ago but I still cannot boot my FC6 
> disk. I have been poking around the GRUB source and I now have a 
> better understanding of what GRUB does but I don't understand this 
> problem.
> I have 2 disks, one is a SATA disk that has Windows XP on it. The 
> other disk is an IDE that has my FC6 on it. When I try to boot to the 
> FC6 disk, the machine just reboots over and over again. I then boot 
> from the rescue disk and look at the partitions using fdisk. 
> Everything looks normal. The Windows stuff is on /dev/sda and the FC6 
> stuff is on /dev/hdk. /boot/grub/device.map contains:
> (hd0)  /dev/sda
> (hd1)  /dev/hdk
> If I enter GRUB in interactive mode and do
> # geometry (hd0,0)
> I get the output I expect but when I do
> # geometry (hd1,0)
> GRUB tells me that there is no such disk. The reason GRUB won't boot 
> is that is fails the root (hd1,0) command in the grub.conf file.
> I even re-installed GRUB
> # grub-install /dev/hdk
> with no problems but when I go back inro GRUB it still tells me there 
> is no hd1.
> Can anyone give me somewhere else to look for clues? If GRUB looks at 
> device.map to figure that hd1 means /dev/hdk and grub-install is OK 
> installing on /dev/hdk, why doesn't GRUB recognize the 2nd disk?
> Steve
Dumb question - does your BIOS know about the IDE drive? If not,
then chances are you will not be able to boot from it. You may have
to make space for the /boot directory on the SATA drive.

If your BIOS does know about the IDE drive, running "grub-install
--remap" may help. You may also want to try running "geometry
(hd2,0)" and "geometry (hd3,0)" just in case the BIOS is skipping
numbers when mapping drives.

With the drive being /dev/hdk, it sounds like the drive is on a
controller card, and not off the motherboard... Is this the case?


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