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Re: VMWare repo

On 07/02/07, Matthew Saltzman <mjs ces clemson edu> wrote:
On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Also, it seems that I do not have VMWare Tools installed. All the info
> that I can find leads me to believe that Tools should be installed
> with Server. Is this not correct? If not, how does one go about
> installing Tools? I don't see it on the VMWare download page.

VMware Tools is a package for the guest, not the host.  Once you have
built your VM, start it up and install VMware Tools.  There's a button to
do that which works unattended in a Windows guest, but requires a bit of
handholding in a Linux guest.  There's documentation at vmware.com.

Thanks, I've got the Tools installed, and everything is running fine.
In fact, it runs too fine- I better not let the wife see this because
she just might want to use it!

Thanks, everybody, for all the help, the patience, and the will to
explain. It's been quiet a while since I've needed this level of
handholding, and I really thought that I was past that point. But
that's one of the reasons that I love linux- it forces me to learn,
and to be sharp on my toes. And when I do find myself stuck- there's a
wonderful community out there willing to help.

Dotan Cohen


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