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Re: greylisting

Craig White wrote:
On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 07:56 -0500, dhottinger harrisonburg k12 va us
I got greylisting running last night on my mailserver. Seems to have cut the number of posts to my mailman mailing lists quite a bit. I had well over 700 posts I had to discard the past 3 days and this morning I had 3. As far as I can tell all mail is coming in to my 750+ users also. Im using relaydely and sendmail. Wasnt to hard to get going. Readme and files included are a little vague, but finally got the right perl packages in and its up and running. I'll keep an eye on it the next few days and see. What kind of delay is everyone using for this? All yea, Im running Fedora Core 6, most of my packages are from install. I have installed some perl modules and did some yum updates, so everything is up to par.
I use 5 minutes

FWIW - I left sendmail/relaydelay a few years ago in favor of
postfix/sqlgrey/mailscanner/spamassassin/clamav and it's worked very


I tried greylisting as well, I am using exim as my MTA. I found that although greylisting worked, I found nightly updating the rules for spamassassin worked better they greylisting and as such have dropped the greylisting.

Just my experience, your mileage may vary

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