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Re: GM & MS

Anne Wilson wrote:
Can't help but feel that guns don't kill anyone - it's the person behind the gun that kills. Many people use windows safely for many years. I know one person who reinstalls every few weeks, and another that only changes version when a new box build is needed - several years apart.


Not much different with Fedora. you have FC versions back to the start and RHL versions back in the 6.x era.

But one thing that enables Fedora and Linux users to advance is the OS progressively advances without needing to dig into revenue just to advance their system performance.

The only thing that I saw to Vista were the commercials put out by MAC. I have not purchased an MS OS since the upgrade from windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Fortunately, I got to using RHL 5.2 shortly after the W95 mistake. I did purchase a few RHL 6.x series versions shortly after but started downloading the ISOs first with Mandrake 5.x and then with RHL 6.x later versions.

I find it hard to understands why non-server users would choose to stay behind in Linux and some Windows users will waste money leasing software which continually puts restraints on them. To each their own choices though. You can choose imposed restraint that costs you much money or other OS types that allow you to buy other items, even better hardware if on a budget as with a business or educational institute.


You will live a long, healthy, happy life and make bags of money.

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