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Re: GM & MS

Craig White:
>>> Most people generally just want to use a computer, not make a project
>>> out of it.
>>> Windows isn't crap and just reading you express that sentiment makes
>>> it clear that you aren't the least bit objective.

>> And that's why Windows *is* crap.  As a long-suffering user of it, and
>> long-suffering repairer of it for other long-suffering users of it, I've
>> earnt the right to judge a product on how well, or otherwise, that it
>> works.  If it weren't so crap, it wouldn't be so self-destructive, and
>> users wouldn't have to make a pet project of it just to keep it in good
>> health.

Anne Wilson:
> Can't help but feel that guns don't kill anyone - it's the person behind the 
> gun that kills.

I've always felt that mantra to be rather fatuous.

> Many people use windows safely for many years.  I know one person who
> reinstalls every few weeks, and another that only changes version when
> a new box build is needed - several years apart.

And many don't use it safely.  Many use it in a permanently broken
condition, unaware that it is.  Unaware that it could be fixed, or
unable to do so.  Unaware or unconcerned that it causes other people
problems.  It's self destructiveness, inappropriateness for the
unskilled users its marketed at, it's expensiveness yet lack of good
workmanship, and a plethora of other problems that could fill pages if
you expanded only slightly on the details are what makes it a crap
product, just the same as any other crap product deserves being called
crap, whether it's badly made shoes, motor cars, or anything else.

And those that do use it safely tend to be because they've made a pet
project out of it.  All the plethora of add-ons required for safety,
education beyond what's supplied with the manual, repairing it when *it*
has stuffed up, and so on...

(This PC runs FC4, my others FC5 & FC6, in case that's important
 to the thread)

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