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Re: Aironet wlan driver for cisco 350 series WLAN card.

Sripathy K said the following on 02/03/2007 07:33 AM Pacific Time:

Hi All,

I have recently installed FC6 on my T42 laptop. I see that with WEP enabled, the wireless doesnot comes up (fails to determine IP address). But it comes up fine when connected to a non-secure network (without WEP).

Have anyone faced this issue. I am using "system-configure-network" GUI tool to configure my wireless card. Is there any other way to configure the wireless card?


What version of the aironet firmware does your card have?  Best to be running at least 5.60.21.  Upgrading it is a pain because there is no way to do it directly with Linux.

# cat /proc/driver/airo/eth1/Status

I used to use the GUI too, but went around in circles trying to troubleshoot a similar problem only to find out it wasn't the wireless card, it was the GUI not saving the network settings correctly.  Best to troubleshoot from a command line using iwconfig first.

Post back if you need more pointers with the firmware or iwconfig command.


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