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Re: Wi[r]eless security (was: Suspend bug)

"David G. Miller" <dave davenjudy org> wrote:

es <hlhowell pacbell net> wrote:
> Sounds like you did your "home" work.  Sorry about the bad pun.  But it
> is illuminating just how much the signals can penetrate and how far they
> can be detected, isn't it.  The range also changes if one were to place
> a pre-amp and directional antenna on the card (as some war drivers do).
> Regards,
> Les H
Oh, come on.  That's not a bad pun.  Bad puns are REAL groaners.

I didn't realize that WEP had become as vulnerable as it seems to be. I was also going on the assumption that the little traffic I generate would make WEP key recovery difficult. It seems that current cracking tools are able elicit traffic from an AP without connecting such that the key can be recovered without seeing any traffic that I actually generate. I guess the behavior isn't that surprising given how easily wireless stuff connects.

Looks like I need to bump the priority on implementing WPA.

The deed is done. I now have radius authenticated WPA set up for my AP. I found the following articles very helpful if anyone needs to set up WPA-Radius:


The articles assume SuSE Linux so a few directories and file names are different but nothing too hard to figure out. There were a couple of items that the author assumed readers would "just know" that I had to do a little digging to figure out. A lot depends on what you already know about setting up radius which for me was nada.

Of course, in the middle of all this, my laptop decided it was time to panic and, of course, it was while I wasn't working with it but trying to decipher the above articles for my situation: laptop working, turn away, turn back, laptop dead with caps lock key blinking. This time I had been bouncing the network up and down a lot trying to debug the wireless with WPA.


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