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Help resolving Kernel Errors

Does anyone know what this means?

--------------------- Kernel Begin ------------------------ 

 WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present
    bt878: probe of 0000:00:0a.1 failed with error -22 ...:  4 Time(s)
 ---------------------- Kernel End ------------------------- 

It is the output from logwatch regarding an ATI TV Wonder frame buffer card.

In modprobe.conf, I have:

options bttv tuner=2

This was necessary, because, although the card is correctly detected at boot, 
the tuner is falsely identified as type=19. Very strange, as 19 is a PAL-type 
tuner and my card is an NTSC type=2 card.

The card appears to work fine in every way, as far as I have so far 

What does this error mean? Is there something I can correct to get rid of the 

Peter Gückel
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