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Re: installing Firefox 2.0 on FedoraCore6

On a clean patched FC6,  I first tried  Remi's rpm.  It failed to install because of gecko dependency issues. I then tried Andrea's solution.  Which installed without problems.

On 2/8/07, Andrea Mastellone <andrea mastellone fastwebnet it> wrote:
Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Andrea Mastellone <andrea.mastellone <at> fastwebnet.it> writes:
>> yum update -y firefox --enablerepo=development
> Ugh, updating from development (Rawhide) isn't that great an idea (you'll have
> to fetch several packages which depend on Firefox from development too, and
> this could potentially draw in plenty of unstable packages).

This was not my case:

yum update -y firefox --enablerepo=development

required me no auxiliary development packages, except of course firefox
2, in a clean fedora 6 workstation.

Instead, I tryed to update to the development version of openoffice:
tons of packages were nedeed, and I gave up.


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