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Re: [Fwd: User account ( hacked ) of FC6 System]

linuxmaillists charter net wrote:
On Thursday 08 February 2007 09:29, edwardspl ita org mo 
Les Mikesell wrote:
edwardspl ita org mo wrote:
chmod g+rwx ( What number of g+rwx, eg : ?77 )
You can use the symbolic form literally. I think it's
easier to understand. Let the computer do the
binary/octal math. g+rwx means add the read, write,
and execute bits for the group.
But I want to know what no of g+rwx...
The + means it is added to the bits already permitted. 
Look at them as groups of 3 bits in binary and take the
octal value.

user   group    other
rwx    rwx     rwx

You'll start with a home dir having rwx --- ---  so
that's 111 000 000 binary or 700 octal.
Add  the group rwx and you get 111 111 000 or 770 octal
So, g+rwx = 770, right ?

chmod +t ( What number of +t ) /home/edward
That's one more bit to the left, 1 000 000 000  binary,
so 1000 octal. Add that to what you have.

Same here, you can type it that way and it means add
the "sticky" bit.
Also want to know...
Altogether, the octal value for the mode ends up at
1770.  But, as I said before the computer does a better
job of thinking in octal.
So, +t = 1770, right ?


When I first started learning how to write the permissions 
setting RWX I could not figure out how to do it using the 
letters.  I found it very easy to understand doing it with 
the numbers.  I type it like this chmod 777 <file> to get 
the rwxrwxrwx and if I want to change it to rwxr-xr-x I 
just type chmod 755 <file> and if I want rwx------ I type 
chmod 700 <file>.  I am sure I can figure out how to write 
it with the letters now but I think it is much easier to 
use the numbers.


So...Do you know the following ( convert to the no format) ?

1, chmod g+rwx ( What number of g+rwx, eg : ?77 ) /home/edward
2, chmod +t ( What number of +t ) /home/edward


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