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Re: Talking to Logitech on the phone regarding webcam support for linux

On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 17:32 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

> You are missing the point Les.  Whyintuncket should we have to spend what, 
> $500 to $1500 a copy for something like that just because we're running 
> linux?  Granted, it would give a many times better result than the $30 
> webcam clipped to the top of your lappies screen, no argument there. But 
> if that $30 USD camera gives an acceptable picture to a winderz box, then 
> whyintuncket can't it do the same on a linux box?  The data coming up the 
> ever present usb cable doesn't magically smear itself in mustard just 
> because the receiver in running linux.  Michael, I think does the best he 
> can with the info he can get, but its not good enough.  And no one else 
> seems to have $0.50 to call someone who cares, so we're stuck.

I admit my memory and understanding about webcams is questionable. 
I would suggest people ask someone who writes Linux drivers for webcams.

With this caveat in mind, when Michael was trying to get his driver to
work for the webcam I had, he left me with the impression companies that
make webcams buy the cheapest chips they can, and do lots of processing,
in the driver on the PC, to clean up the picture.

I believe, in a sense, a smear of "mustard" is coming up the USB cable.
The driver has to make sense of that smear, and turn it into a picture.

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