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Re: Fedora Core 6 on an iMac (Intel Core Duo)

Ryan Li wrote:
Hello Fedora User Community! I'm currently using a 20-inch iMac 2GHz Intel Core Duo~ I would really like to figure out how to get Fedora running on it as soon as possible. I have looked online for others who have already installed Fedora on an iMac but couldn't find anything. But, I've noticed that people have installed Fedora on PPC Macs and other Intel models... Can anyone tell me what kind of trouble I might experience while trying to install this on my system? Or could someone possibly point me to some site which has all of the details I need to know!? <",)

Also, if I can install Fedora on my iMac without experiencing any major issues,
would I need to use the 64 bit version (x86_64) or the 32 bit (i386)?
My iMac has Intel Core Duo, not Intel Core 2 Duo~ it's not the latest model.

Maybe I should mention that I'm currently running an up-to-date version of Mac OSX and also Windows XP~ I would prefer to keep the existing OS' and just create another partition for Fedora.

Thank you to anyone in advance who can help me figure this one out!

This may or may not be the approach you want, but the commercial 'parallels' program will run fedora and windows as virtual machines under OSX so you can be running all 3 at the same time. You can also do this with VMware which has a free beta download available at
(The release version is not expected to be free...). You don't need special partitions with the virtual machine approach - the entire machine image is held in normal OSX files.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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