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Livna repo broken?


What is wrong with Livna?

For the past three days, when I run smart, I've had recommendations to roll back several updates of packages that I originally installed from Livna. I have a stop-gap in place, which is to ratchet up the priority of my installed-base to be equal to those of Livna, Core, and Released-Updates. That lets me take the genuine updates without those alarming rollbacks (and in three cases, complete removals).

Two days ago, Livna was in even worse shape, and smart was recommending /more than two hundred downgrades/ as a result.

At least I have the packages I need, in their still-current versions.

The downgrade recommendations, furthermore, are all to repos for which I set the priority as lower than that for Livna/Updates/Core.

This problem will only go away when the Livna repo maintainers rebuild their metadata, or perhaps replace certain versions of multimedia and other utilities.

VideoLAN Client, Mplayer (and its gui), and ffmpeg are but three of the apps/utilities that this problem affects.


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