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Re: videolan

Laurent Vaills a écrit :
> Bonjour François,
> You can use the Livna repository.
> As described in this email
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-announce-list/2006-October/msg00009.html,
> do as root :
> rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-6.rpm
> yum install vlc

This is always the problem with livna: they put some interesting things
but "old fashionned": their packages depends on older libraries than
those you have already installed and when you try to install something
it turns into a nightmare... so I did not go beyond this sequence:

1st act:

yum -d 4 --enablerepo=livna install vlc


Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 vlc                     x86_64     0.8.6a-1.lvn6.1  livna             7.8 M
Installing for dependencies:
 SDL_image               x86_64     1.2.5-4.fc6      extras             43 k
 aalib                   x86_64     1.4.0-0.11.rc5.fc6  extras
   75 k
 faac                    x86_64     1.25-2.lvn6      livna              82 k
 faad2                   x86_64     2.0-19.20050131.lvn6  livna
    202 k
 jack-audio-connection-kit  x86_64     0.102.20-3.fc6   extras
  136 k
 lame-libs               x86_64     3.97-3.lvn6      livna             327 k
 libcddb                 x86_64     1.3.0-1.fc6      extras             72 k
 libcdio                 x86_64     0.77-3.fc6       extras            261 k
 libdvbpsi               x86_64     0.1.5-2.lvn6     livna              39 k
 libfreebob              x86_64     1.0.0-3.fc6      extras            155 k
 libmp4v2                x86_64   livna             264 k
 libtar                  x86_64     1.2.11-8.fc6     extras             30 k
 libupnp                 x86_64     1.4.1-2.fc6      extras             98 k
 twolame                 x86_64     0.3.8-1.lvn6     livna              77 k
 vcdimager               x86_64     0.7.23-3.lvn6    livna             662 k
 x264                    x86_64     0-0.8.20061028.lvn6  livna
   227 k

Transaction Summary
Install     17 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Transaction Check Error:   package aalib-1.4.0-5.fc6.rf (which is newer
than aalib-1.4.0-0.11.rc5.fc6) is already installed

2nd act:

rpm -e aalib-1.4.0-5.fc6.rf

erreur: Dépendances requises:
	libaa.so.1 est nécessaire pour (déjà installé) xine-0.99.4-8.fc6.rf.i386
	libaa.so.1 est nécessaire pour (déjà installé)

translation: aalib in its newer version version is necessary to xine....

Shall I do rpm -e xine ? Of course not! Because I will find some other
dependencies and I will have to remove a lot of packages....

Ther are a lot of problems like this; to share libraries between many
packages is a very good thing and this is a good way *but* sometimes the
way it is done is awfull because the "new" version of some library is
not so new for the package you want to install and the installation
could be done in spite of the version number of the package which
installed these libraries...

When you know a lot about the package you want to install, you can go
straight and use some strong arguments like "nodeps" or "force" but when
you don't know much.... you give up.

I give up untill the compatibility between what I have installed and
what I want to install become better....

Thanks anyway.

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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