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Auto mail bouncer for testing

Quite often, my customers want to test their mail set-ups on-site. Many of them do not want to simply send a message to themselves. If they have their own mail server, this is not a real test, and if they don't it only proves their ISP's mail server is returning their mail. Most want the mail to travel a few hops and then come back.

Is it possible to set up a specific user, or maybe get it to react on a certain subject line (or both) to set up sendmail (procmail?) to send a message back to an originating address for testing?

For example, I'm on site and want to test e-mail.

I send a message on the customer's PC on site to mailtest mydomain com with subject "MAILTEST", and based on the e-mail coming in to my mail server, have the server check for one or both of those conditions (via procmail?), then send and e-mail back to the originating address back say for example "This is the mail server at mydomain.com. You have requested a mail test. The test was successful. Here is a copy of the mail you have sent:"

etc. etc. etc.

Or is somebody doing this already with an easy to remember URL?


BTW. procmail looks scary. I guess if I have to I have to but some suggested reading that I can understand would be appreciated.

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