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Re: how to prevent reading of xml file from browser under a particular directory on FC5

On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 18:16 +0530, ankush grover wrote:
> hi friends,
>  I have configured a HelpDesk Ticketing System on Fedora Core 5. The
> problem I am facing is that there is a file called "site.xml" which
> contains the information about database connections and I don't want
> ppl to be able to read that file through browser. As per the
> readme.htm of that software if the below entries will be put
> in .htaccess then nobody can read the xml through browser.
> <Files ~ ".xml">
>   Order allow,deny
>   Deny from all
>   Satisfy All
> </Files>
> Even though the above entries are there in .htaccess still I am able
> to read "site.xml" file. How do I prevent the reading of this file ?
> HelpDesk Ticketing Software is  /var/www/html/request and .htaccess is
> under /var/www/html/request. 
> Please let me know if you need any further information.
> Thanks & Regards
There is a consortium called W3C which deals specifically with HTML and
XML standards, and they offer some tools to check code, as well as
guides to the uses and syntax.  I think you will find your answer there.

The URL is:http://www.w3.org

Their validator URL is: http://validator.w3.org/

If you are not a native english speaker, these websites are replicated
in a number of languages, so please check the left side about 1/2 way
down and you can maybe find your native language.

Les H

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