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Re: OT: can antennas for wireless Internet cause damage to health?

Alan wrote:
In the building where I live, the building administration is intending
to install at its top an antenna for irradiating the signal for
wireless Internet users. Can those antennas interfere with the health
of the people living in the building?

If you climb onto the roof and eat it, then it might be bad for you.

If you wanted a more serious answer then try a more relevant list. Some
keywords that might help you are "ERP", "SAR", "NCRPM" and "FCC"


Having had a massive brain tumour removed I am a bit sensitive to off
the cuff ridicule of someone asking such a question.  Despite the cries
of many in the radio and near radio industry and others there is
considerable empirical evidence that there is a correlation between
brain tumours and emf in general.  Which side one lands on is dependent
on personal views.  The industry studies showing no problem should be
treated with suspicion.  We all know of industries such as the tobacco
industry that for years claimed their products were not harmful.
The effect of one wireless antenna on its own will probably not harm
most healthy people but, one more added to the mix may cause an emf
overload on someone.
In simple terms no one can say with assurance  the new antenna will or
will not cause a problem.

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