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Re: OT: can antennas for wireless Internet cause damage to health?

On 2/10/07, Alan <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk> wrote:
> > If you wanted a more serious answer then try a more relevant list. Some
> > keywords that might help you are "ERP", "SAR", "NCRPM" and "FCC"

> the cuff ridicule of someone asking such a question.

I pointed to the correct terms to find a serious answer, and seeing as
this is nothing to do with Fedora the question shouldn't have been asked
here in the first place. It was abusing the list, and quite
inappropriate. Perhaps people should post windows problems here too, or
football reports ? no, I thought not.

And as the questioner doesn't even give any information they won't get an
answer without knowing things like the ERP and the frequency range of the
mast or what its for, except maybe from the tinfoil hat brigade.

I am sorry for having posted my question here. I had previously
searched Internet (with Google) for an answer, but maybe because I did
not use the correct keywords, I have found nothing. I imagined that I
could find some help here, as this forum is full of computer
specialists and I did put "OT" in the subject of my post. Being out of
topic, my post is much closer to the topic discussed in this list than
"football reports", but, in any case, apologize for my post.


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