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Re: OT: can antennas for wireless Internet cause damage to health?

> not use the correct keywords, I have found nothing. I imagined that I
> could find some help here, as this forum is full of computer
> specialists and I did put "OT" in the subject of my post. Being out of
> topic, my post is much closer to the topic discussed in this list than
> "football reports", but, in any case, apologize for my post.

In all seriousness its nothing to do with computing (other than computing
exposure to mobile phones, monitors and wireless networks), you need
someone who understands wireless propagation, antenna design, field
strengths, the behaviour of EM radiation incident on living tissue and to
know a lot more about what the antenna is for, what its propogation field
looks like etc.

If I had to suggest anywhere to start asking it might well be local radio
amateur groups. They can at least help you ask the smart questions that
differentation a random wireless access point (which you can probably
stick in your mouth for a year and transmit - not that I'd advise that),
a mobile phone antenna where its probably not a good idea to stick it
in your mouth but nobody is sure yet, a mobile phone mast (which is
considered in some jurisdictions as sufficiently arm-wavingly unclear
that to be on the safe side policy is to keep them away from built up
areas), and sticking your head in a microwave oven (which is known to be
very stupid indeed).


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