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Compiling kernel the Fedora's way

Hello list,

Yesterday I had a serious problem that eliminated my linux system from
grub and that deleted all previous kernels in my system. This what

1- I downloaded a new kernel in .src.rpm to compile it by myself.
2- I installed the source and typed make ARCH=x86_64 defconfig
3- I did make gconfig, save the configuration.
4- make rpm

The rpm was built without more problems, but when I tried to install
it, after the progress bar was 100% I got a message like this:

grubby: fatal error, I can not find a template.

And when I rebooted, in GRUB I had only the Win XP entry in the menu.
Finally after a painful process, I could restore a previous kernel
from the DVD cause _all_ of my previous kernels where removed from the

Please, can you tell me what I did wrong?
I did this before with Whitebox without any problems :S

Is there any accurate guide on how to compile a Fedora kernel?

Thanks in advance

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