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Re: mysql recovery from server crash

Matt Morgan wrote:
> My home server crashed recently. Some electrical problem that shorted
> the motherboard. The drives are fine, and I was able to recover files
> from them. But I can't figure out how to restore the mysql databases
> from the files in /var/lib/mysql.
> I think what I'm looking for is some mysql equivalent to MS SQL
> Server's "attach database" function. I don't think there is such a
> thing, or google and this list's archives might have helped.
> What I had was a Centos 4.2 server running mysql 4.1, I think. I only
> have one database that I need to restore. Since I can't bring that
> server up any more, I tried copying that db's data dir from the Centos
> disks to my Fedora Core 5 desktop. If I put that data dir in
> /var/lib/mysql on the Fedora Core 5 machine, mysql seems to recognize
> the DB but I can't really access it.
> Part of the problem may well be the shift from mysql 4.1 to 5 (mysql
> version in FC5); I don't know mysql well enough to know.
> What should I do to get this database back up? I only need to get it
> working well enough to dump it.
> Thanks,
> Matt
It sounds like there are not any permissions for the database in the
mysql database. (The permissions table.) You are probably going to
have to add it by hand. For a quick, cheap, and dirty fix, you may
be able to stop mysql, rename the current directory tree, and copy
the entire mysql directory tree from the old machine. Start mysql
and do a dump of the database. Then stop mysql, restore the original
directory tree, and restore the dump to the running version.

You might also be able to create the database in the running
secession of mysql, and then replace the files it creates with the
old database, but I have not tried this...


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