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Re: Wine and Windows programs

Phil Meyer wrote:
john s. wrote:
My Dad wanted to see if he could install Laplink (I think it is) on my laptop, via Wine. The laptop locked up, so the program wasn't able to 100% install. Well, after reboot- it shows that Laplink is installed, but I don't want the crap on the laptop. I'm unable to uninstall from the program and uninstalling Wine and then reloading doesn't solve anything. Anyways, the laptop has FC6 on it...


Ah, the memories!

First of all, laplink is a poor excuse of a program that performs some functions poorly that have always been available in UNIX based systems.

So yes we can hook two UNIX/Linux systems together with a serial cable, and always have been able to. What is it he wants to do? You might look at ckermit or minicom.

As far as 'uninstalling' wine apps, they are in the home directory of the person who installed it.

look in ~/.wine/drive_c/

Removing that directory will 'purge' anything that a user was doing with wine.

Good Luck!

I'm not exactly sure what the purpose was (for the installation); email or cd's suit me just fine. Looking in the /.wine/drive c/ makes sense... more of a doh! - feel kinda stupid for not thinking of it. Thanks...

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