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Re: installing Firefox 2.0 on FedoraCore6

Larry Kelly wrote:
> How do I install Firefox 2.0 on Fedora Core 6?  There are no
> instructions in the download from Mozilla.  I tried extracting it to
> my home directory.  When I click on the firefox-bin icon,  it brings
> up Firefox <> instead.   Thanks for the help.

Andrea Mastellone wrote:
> yum update -y firefox --enablerepo=development

I do think this advice should only be given with several warnings.

Firstly, and most obviously, if you do this then you will *need* to
follow Firefox security warnings. It will no longer be enough to do a
yum update (or equivalent): the development repo may receive updated
packages, but unless you repeat the above command, you won't pick them
up. Yum won't "upgrade" a 2.x Firefox RPM to a newer 1.5.x package
(which is what you'll get in FC6 updates), and it won't be configured to
look at the development repo.

A web browser is the second most vulnerable piece of software on the
average desktop (after the mail client), so it's important not to treat
it lightly from a security point of view.

Of course, enabling the development repo permanently and doing a yum
update will update your whole install from FC6 to development (somewhere
after Fedora 7 test 1, at the moment). Things are expected to break in
development, and it's seriously Not Recommended to run development
unless you (a) are fairly competent at fixing things, (b) want to take
the time and effort to fix things (or re-install, if necessary), and (c)
don't have anything on the computer that you mind losing.

And that's really the second warning -- development packages are more
likely to break than the equivalent versions in Core.


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