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Re: OT: can antennas for wireless Internet cause damage to health?

Ric Moore wrote:
On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 20:04 +0000, Paul Smith wrote:
Dear All

Sorry, but this post is out of topic.

In the building where I live, the building administration is intending
to install at its top an antenna for irradiating the signal for
wireless Internet users. Can those antennas interfere with the health
of the people living in the building?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Paul! Check out this link if you're worried. <evil grin>


That'll work. <snickers> Ric

I find it shocking the number of people that seem to feel it is funny to die from a tumour in the head. Can any of you imagine what it is like to suffer a headache for several months that has an intensity of greater than a bad migraine? Unfortunately I do not need to imagine what it feels like, nor do I need to imagine the after effects of having a massive tumour removed from the head - I live them every day. Many of the scientific studies claiming there is no danger from emf are funded by organization with vested commercial interests in claiming there is no danger. Most if not all independent studies express the opinion that the cumulative effect of long term exposure to emf may be harmful and caution is advised. The tobacco companies and others companies have denied for years that their products were not harmful and they even produced scientific studies to support their position, of course now most realize that tobacco is harmful. Before I changed to IT I worked in the environmental services area, during my years in the field the acceptable toxic level of many chemicals was continually being moved lower, the list of previously thought to be harmless chemicals increased constantly. As an example pcb were once thought to be great o clean automotive parts and mechanics routinely used pcb washes to clean automotive parts.

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