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Re: OT: can antennas for wireless Internet cause damage to health?

On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 16:32 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> But the relation of microwave, high tension and radio frequencies to
> harm to humans has been studied extensively by people at places like
> Brooks Aerospace ( a military base) and they found no correlation. 

You'd need to quantify that.  Long ago, I'd been privy to information
about exposure to various types of radiations, which included how much
of those radiations were required to produce certain types of effects
(raising the internal temperature of the victim, through to death of the
victim, which included animals and humans - I did wonder about how they
chose their test subjects, but we weren't told that).  So it's really
not right to say that there's no correlation.  You definitely *can*
produce harmful affects on people, but it's related to what's done to
them, overall.

If you were talking about the miniscule amounts of radiation coming from
a mobile phone, for instance (including more details with your
dismissal), then you're on a bit firmer ground.  At this stage, there's
no conclusive evidence.  Worrying data, sure, but nothing conclusive
that I've come across.

The sort of wireless networking gizmos that we buy from retailers is all
low power stuff, and I'd expect it to be safe at the usual distances
that people use it with (e.g. close by, but not internally inserted).  I
don't know if there's commercial hardware designed for long-distance use
with higher powers, that's meant to be mounted further away.

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