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Re: Disable a User's email account

James Wilkinson wrote:
edwardspl ita org mo wrote:
The System is FC6...
So, how to disbale a User's mail service ?
eg : Sendmail + Dovecot ( pop3 /imap ).

Les Mikesell wrote:

Maybe it would be easier to describe exactly what you want these users
to be able to do first and build an environment that provides nothing
else instead of starting with a general-purpose login and trying to
stop everything you don't want them to do.

I've quoted that advice Les gave because it's good. If you really want
to provide users with certain services and not others, start from a
position of not allowing them anything, and then give individual users
more rights when needed.

But for the Dovecot side of what you asked, why not have a look at
/etc/dovecot.conf ? It includes the lines
  # Users can be temporarily disabled by adding a passdb with deny=yes.
  # If the user is found from that database, authentication will fail.
  # The deny passdb should always be specified before others, so it gets
  # checked first. Here's an example:

  #passdb passwd-file {
    # File contains a list of usernames, one per line
    #args = /etc/dovecot.deny
    #deny = yes

Hope this helps,


Hello James.

For disable user's incoming account ( pop3 / imap ) :

passdb passwd-file {
	args = /etc/dovecot.deny
    	deny = yes

/etc/dovecot.deny :

For disable user's outgoing account :

/etc/mail/access file put a line :

To:user domain com ERROR:550 Sorry, user account disabled !

Is it ok for the disabling ?


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