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Re: NTP problem

On 2/12/07, Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen <joukj hrem nano tudelft nl> wrote:
Hi all,

I have a problem with NTP on a FC6 machine connected to a adsl connection.
When starting up the machine it tells me it fails to synch with the server
(it started doing this one or two months ago) after that is sais that ntpd
is started succesfully. I doubt this because I start noticing slight (1/2
minute) time differences with other machines.
First I thought it was a firewall problem, but this weekend I connetcted on
the same network connection another FC6 machine, with the same
Firewall/Selinux and NTP settings. This machine did not give the error.
The only difference between the machines is the actual hardware and on
machine 1 more FC6 packages are installed.

Where do/can I look to solve this problem?

First try "service ntp restart" from a running system. If that fails,
chances are you have a faulty step tickers file. If it works, make
sure that DNS is available when ntp is started at boot time or that
/etc/ntp/step.tickers uses ip addresses instead of hostnames.



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