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Re: How to SMTP (Email) Server Fedora 6?

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> It should almost work out of the box.  Fedora ships an intentionally
>>> broken sendmail configuration that won't accept mail from anything but
>>> the local box.  To fix it you should:
>>> yum install sendmail-cf
>>> Then edit /etc/mail/sendmail.mc and remove the Addr=
>>> restriction from the DAEMON_OPTIONS line and restart sendmail.
>> I don't know that I would call it "intentionally broken".
> It is useless for any reasonable use of email - unless you only enjoy
> talking to yourself.  And it is particularly bizarre that this
> brokenness must be fixed by manually editing an obscure file while lots
> of other easy and less useful operations have GUI wrappers to do the
> grunge work.  Someone doesn't want your mail to work.  Or they want to
> make sendmail look difficult to configure.
It should work fine for people that use fetchmail to download their
mail from their ISP. Then again, most ISP's are already blocking
incoming port 25 connections to non-commercial accounts, and may
require you to request opening up incoming port 25 connections on
commercial accounts.

They also block outgoing port 25 connections, so the configuration
is not going to work for sending mail for a lot of people. So you
are going to have to edit the configuration anyway. So the default
configuration works for one type of user, and just about any other
user is going to have to modify the config file anyway, with
information specific to their setup. It has been a long time sense I
has able to use a stock Sendmail, or Postfix configuration file
regardless of the distribution. I would think that most people that
would have a problem with Sendmail only listening on the loopback
interface are also going to have to make other changes in order to
send messages over the Internet.


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