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Re: Auto mail bouncer for testing

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Are you suggesting that people use these so-called throw-away
> mail accounts? I looked into that, and the privacy policies I
> saw on those accounts convinced me that using one was a sure
> way to having one's activities on the net be monitored, and
> information be captured and retained by "third parties".

There are legitimate privacy concerns about using services such as
Gmail, which means that many people choose not to use them as their main
e-mail account.

But that doesn't mean you can't have one and use it for purposes you
consider not to be sensitive. For example, if you're just testing an
e-mail server, all "they" can tell is that you might have some sort of
connection with that server.

I use my Gmail account for Fedora lists -- it's no secret that I'm on
this list!

In any case, in most countries, your online activities can be monitored
and all e-mails logged by court order anyway.


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