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FC5 -> FC6 Upgrade/Update

I have several machines that are running FC5, configured as servers. They don't have X on them (but might have some X libraries installed for the likes of ImageMagick.) These machines are text only and have almost 99.9% of everything stock with rpm updates on them. The occasional source installations are pretty minimal (sendmail, apache, php, and binaries rpm updates of mysql.)

So, how safe am I running an FC6 install and let it UPGRADE the machine as opposed to doing a clean install, which I would prefer to skip since these are production machines that need to remain running with minimal disruptions.

(My other option is to use a spare machine with FC6, transfer everything from the old to the new, swap cables and put the spare one on-line, then do a clean install on the actual server, move everything back and bring it back online. Something I'd rather not do.)

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