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Re: Auto mail bouncer for testing

Tim wrote:
James Wilkinson:

There are legitimate privacy concerns about using services such as
Gmail, which means that many people choose not to use them as their main
e-mail account.

Mike McCarty:

In order to use the ones I investigated, one must permit placement
of third-party permanent cookies.

Clear out those cookies after doing your test.  Do the test using

Yes, that would be possible, but is not something I permit.

another browser, if that makes it easier (to dump all cookies, rather
than find the ones you want to dump out of those you want to keep).

I don't have any cookies on my machine, full stop.

I do see that what you recommend might be useful to others who
permit such kinds of abuse of their machines. I do not allow
the placement of cookies. I purchased my machine for my use,
and to store information useful to me, not for the use of
others to store information of use to them. Cookies are
inherently abusive, and there is no benign use of them.

Cookies are a way for people to utilize storage on other people's
machines without giving recompense. At such time I chose to
be a storage provider, I shall do so, and shall charge for
such storage provision. Until such time, no one but me is
permitted to store information on my machine.

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