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Re: need to switch computers without losing data

Tom Poe wrote:
My daughter has a PIII with FC5 on it. Troubleshooting flowchart indicates power supply died. We're going to the UMN recycle store, and get a PIII or newer. Can someone point me to the steps needed to take the hard drive out of the dead computer, and put it in the new computer, and not lose the data? I'm thinking there might be issues with just switching hard drive to another computer with different hardware configuration.
Any help appreciated,

No problem, That is the nice thing about Linux, Linux will detect new hardware and make changes on new hardware. The only problem is if the new(old) computer may have a piece of hardware that Linux doesn't have drivers for, and I have never had that happen to me.
Laptops can be a sticky problem sometimes.
Ihave installed Linux on my PC and sent harddrive to another person and they change harddrive. The only problem you could run across if you have $Windows installed, dual booting with Linux,
Windows will not run on a different computer.

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