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Re: MSI 965 Neo, Unable to install FC6

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 01:12, Teo Fonrouge wrote:
> As a kind of answer. I have installed several dozens of linux boxes
> (starting with the rogue Red Hat 5 a few years ago) and I dont  remember
> another mobo with the same level of intolerance to linux as this MSI model.

I think you are quite right about that, this mainboard is certainly one to 

Fortunately today I managed to get it running and although I see some issues 
in dmesg (mainly IRQ related I think), I can use the box for what I intend to 

Regarding installation I needed the "noapic" option.
Regarding booting Fedora, I needed the 2.6.19 kernel in order to get the 
onboard Realtek network adaptor to work (using the r1000 driver) and I need 
to boot the kernel with the options "noapic acpi=no irqpoll"

I also noticed that the nvidia card which I have installed (7600) didn't work 
during install (displaying rubbish) although anaconda detected it fine. I had 
to install using "linux text". After installing the nvidia drivers from 
ATrpms, things worked fine in twinview setup. Since I didn't have network 
capability after the installation I had to use a USB drive to get all 
necessary RPMS to the box. Fortunately USB worked :-)

After a few hours of testing the box, I think it's fine enough for me to use. 
Since things work fairly well using kernel 2.6.19 I think it's not necessary 
at the moment to look for new main boards, so I will keep using them for now.


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