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Re: Installation of FC6 does not boot

Paul Smith wrote:
> On 2/13/07, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
>> I have just installed FC6 on a second hard disk (hdb); the first hard
>> disk (hda) contains Windows XP. Everything went fine during the
>> installation. However, the computer boots always on Windows XP.  Any
>> ideas?
> That is solved: I have exchanged the two hard disks, physically.
> Paul
It looks like Grub was installed on the wrong drive. Did you only
have one drive installed when you did the install? You could
probably have booted FC6 by telling the BIOS to boot from the second
drive, if your BIOS has that option.

You may find
interesting if you want to use the Windows boot loader to boot FC6.


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