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Re: How to convert ogg files to mp3

On 14/02/07, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

No Dotan is correct, the quality will be terrible and unfit to listen to
unless you truly have a tin ear.  Each is a lossy format, yes, but they
throw away different parts, and even a 192kbit mp3 to a Q7 ogg gets very
tiring to listen to before the first song has played to the end.  Been
there, done that, and if my 72 year old ears with carhart notches 120+ db
deep in them can hear it and reject it, I hate to think what it must
sound like to younger, far more virgin ears than mine.  The thought makes
me shiver, like fingernails on a blackboard...

The problem is that those young ears are more attuned to Britney
Spears and Backstreet Boys than to Pink Floyd. I know, I run a few
music websites and I cringe to see what's requested. Amazing that Dark
Side of the Moon, recorded 30 years ago, is not only a higher quality
recording, but also musically and lyrically far more advanced, than
almost anything that has been released in the past ten years.

In short, Britney sounds just as bad at 128mbs as it does in it's full
CD glorification. No damage done.

Dotan Cohen


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